Markham search finds phone, earring

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - More than 100 volunteers spent Saturday afternoon looking for 22-year-old Katelyn Markham.

The Fairfield woman was reported missing on August 13 and last seen at her townhouse off Dorshire Drive.

During the search, volunteers found a cell phone, cell phone battery, shoe and a hoop earring all within a 10 feet area near Lick Road.

Victoria Chafin organized the search and said Lick Road is a notorious area near Harbin Park.

"We actually found [the items] on a road that I was raised thinking with all my friends that was haunted," Chafin said.  "It's the type of road you would see teenagers maybe go back into just to see if they could find ghosts and stuff like that.  It's definitely a road that not a lot of people go on."

The items found were collected by police, and investigators are trying to determine if they show any trace of Markham.

Markham's father David was assisting in the search and says he's doing his best to remain optimistic.

"Just the fact that there's no clues, nothing. That's the hardest part," David said.  "I keep hoping and praying that she'll come home safe and sound. There are days though that faith is not so great."

Chafin says more volunteers will be out Sunday morning continuing to search.

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