EquuSearch director Dave Rader says it's uplifting when families reunite

3 women missing for years found alive

CINCINNATI - Director for the Ohio Chapter of Texas Equusearch Dave Rader spends most of his time searching for missing persons.

He was involved with several Katelyn Markham searches in the Tri-State. The Fairfield woman's remains were found in rural Indiana last month.

He told 9 On Your Side reporter Amy Wadas he's beyond ecstatic to hear that three Cleveland women were found alive after missing for nearly a decade.

Rader says he's never experienced finding a missing person alive. He says it's rare to find someone, let alone three people alive after they'd been missing for 10 years.

But, it's not impossible.

Rader says it's important to keep getting the word out about missing persons.

The more the word is out, the better chance there is at finding someone who's missing.

"You hear of all these negative stories about your going to look for a body and your in this recovery mode and finally you get a piece of news that's actually great to hear. It's uplifting. It just shows that there's still good. There's still always that hope," said Rader.

Rader says it's devastating to see 10 years of childhood taken away, but it's a relief to see families reunited again.

9 On Your Side also contacted Donna Johnson, whose daughter Paige vanished in late September of 2010. Johnson said she heard news of the Cleveland on Facebook Monday night.

"It does give you hope...it makes you feel it could happen," said Johnson.

"You should never give up hope for your child," she added.

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