Detectives search missing woman's home

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Detectives spent the day searching the townhome of a missing Fairfield woman. They were looking for any tidbit that could tell them what happened to her.

Friends and investigators are not giving up on trying to find out what happened to Katelyn Markham. Investigators say she was last seen by her fiance, John Carter, Saturday night.

Detectives spent hours in Markham's home Thursday looking for anything that could be out of place or that would help them figure out what happened.

They say she vanished without a sign of foul play or a sign that she picked up and left on her own.

Detectives say that is strange.

That's why they are looking at every piece of clothing and every item in her place.

They want to see if the clothes she was last seen in are there.  They say maybe there's a diary or even a checkbook that would give investigators another account to watch for activity.

In the meantime, Markham's fiance says the longer she's gone, the more horrified he gets. He is hopeful that even if she's in a bad situation, she's going to be alright.

"I keep believing if she is somewhere in the worst case scenario, that she fights her way out of it because she's strong. I know she's strong. So, she's got to manage to make her way out," he said.

Carter says that every time his phone rings he's hoping it's the call to tell him she's safe. He says she was fine when he left her home on Dorshire Drive.

A prayer vigil will be held Friday at 7 p.m. at the Fairfield West Baptist Church, located at 5345 Muskopf Road. The event is open to the public.

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