Officials find 10 homemade bombs in Butler Co.

LEMON TWP, Ohio - Monroe police are searching for suspects responsible for setting off several homemade bombs in Lemon Township Tuesday morning.

The call to police came in as "possible shots fired" but police quickly saw the various soda bottles lying in the street and in yards.

Investigators recovered a total of nine 'chemical reaction' bombs a tenth was not activated.  It is believed that when Monroe police arrived on the scene the suspect or suspects ran.

Monroe police called the Butler County Bomb Squad but the unit did not have to dismantle or disrupt any armed device.

"They're put there as a joke," said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Jones held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to display the chemical bombs collected.

"They're really not funny and they can kill you or dismember you," continued Jones.

The suspect or suspects targeted the 400 block of Hickory Street with the bombs. 

"Drano bombs" combine cleaning products with tin foil inside bottles which can cause an explosion.

Linda Terrell says her home was targeted. "They were around my son's car and then there was one in the road. There were at least two in my yard and another in [my neighbor's] yard," she said.

Police say the bombs did not cause any injuries of property damage.

Dennis Spanel of Monroe said, "It could have been kids messing around. I'm not really sure, but somebody could have been hurt from it. When I see anybody around here that isn't from around here, I'm going to run them off."

Officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also aware of the incident this morning and are in contact with local authorities.

Officials are working to find out who made the bombs and placed them in the area. If you have any information about the bombs, call the Butler County Sheriff's Office at (513) 785-1000.

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