Boaters listen to McCartney

CINCINNATI - As the Paul McCartney concert got underway Thursday night several boaters dropped anchor for some free music on the Ohio.

Members of the United States Coast Guard set up anchorages near the shore so that the commercial lanes of the river could stay open.

"We're here to ensure that the safety of the water and the people that are on it is number one," said Lt. Rob Reinhart of the Coast Guard.

Reinhart and his crew placed buoys on both sides of the river as designated areas to drop anchor.

"We're anticipating a larger number of boats. We may or may not get that. We don't know," admitted Reinhart.

He says he and his men have plenty of experience planning for events like the Reds' Friday night fireworks or larger events like Riverfest but not a large concert.

At concert time boats started to gather but not to the extent of other events.

Members of the Coast Guard will be checking to make sure that boaters have the proper number of life jackets and are otherwise operating legally.

A sound check earlier in the day revealed that boaters and those on the serpentine wall will be able to hear the concert nicely.

Reinhart says the only thing left for boaters to do is jockey for a clear view of the large video screen at Great American Ball Park.

"Those will be the spots people try to get to first so they can see what's going on up on the TV," said Reinhart.

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