Baby giraffe on its way to the Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati Zoo will soon welcome a new member to the giraffe family.

Zoo officials say Tessa, the 5-year-old Maasai giraffe is pregnant again and due to deliver next month.

Tessa, and father "Kimba" are both doing well and currently can be seen at the zoo's Giraffe Ridge exhibit.

This will be Tessa's second calf. Her first calf, Zuri, was born in April 2011, but died in July 2011 after fracturing her leg at 7-weeks-old.

The Cincinnati Zoo's Executive Director Thane Maynard says the loss of Zuri was very emotional for everyone at the zoo, but Tessa's new pregnancy gives them hope again.

"Right now the focus is on Tessa and ensuring she is calm and comfortable as her due date approaches," Maynard said.

Although their numbers have decreased in the past century, giraffes are not currently endangered. Unlike many species, there is no true breeding season for the Maasai Giraffe and females can become pregnant beginning at just four years of age.

The zoo will be live-tweeting leading up to and during the birth. Just log on to Twitter and follow @CincinnatiZoo for updates. Also make sure you follow #giraffebirth.

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