Acting US Commerce Secretary and Mayor Mallory tour Graeter's new facility

US Commerce Secretary talks American Jobs Act

CINCINNATI - One day after the president's address presenting the American Jobs Act, Mayor Mark Mallory and the Acting US Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank  toured the new Graeter's facility in Bond Hill.

Friday morning, Mallory described how the federal government had already helped to put people back to work in Cincinnati and he urged everyone to pass the American Jobs Act.

"There are elements of the plan that in the past have been supported by both parties so I don't see any reason why this plan should not be passed and should not be passed quickly," said Mallory. "I know I sound like the president now. I'm excited about the plan and we need to do it and we need to do it now. The American people are actually looking for action on this issue."

Mayor Mallory said the city gave Graeter's a $10 million loan through the American Recovery Act which resulted in jobs. The loan also allowed Graeter's to expand its distribution from 50 locations to 4,000.

"Graeter's took advantage of the Recovery Act's Build American Bonds to finance their expansion," said Commere Secretary Blank.  "And Cincinnati used it's funding to speed the development of the Riverfront Project creating one of the city's newest neighborhoods on what was once little more than a mudpit."

Some analysts predict the American Jobs Act would add nearly two million jobs, and lower the unemployment rate by a full percent. House Speaker John Boehner of West Chester says he hopes the President also considers Republican ideas to help the economy.

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