Local gun shop manager concerned about new restrictions

BURLINGTON, Ky. - Just one day before President Obama delivers his State of the Union Address, local gun enthusiasts say the president's recent pitch for more gun control has ratcheted up demand to unprecedented levels.

"Obama has been our biggest sales person," said Ron Gilbert, store manager of POW Outdoors in Burlington.

It's easy to find an opinion at POW Outdoors in Burlington as to why the sale of guns and ammo has skyrocketed since talk began of banning assault weapon sales and limiting magazine capacity.

New handguns, new assault rifles and ammo in popular rounds like 9 millimeter and .223. are hard to find these days at POW, according to Gilbert.

"The amount of gun sales in the past year has far surpassed the past couple put together," he said.

Gilbert told 9 On Your Side the recent boom in sales over the last year has come with a price for small gun stores like his.

"It's hard because the stuff I do get in, I get in sparingly and it's gone in 10 or 15 minutes. So then I may have to sit another week or two without having anything else to sell."

The shelves at POW would normally be chock full of ammo and brand new guns. Even the assault rifles that are in stock are being sold on consignment by people looking to cash in while demand is at its peak.

"I had one gentlemen... who bought an AR and turned around a week later and old it for double the money. He bought it for $800... and sold it for $1,600."

But even large wholesalers like Midway USA are having issues with keeping ammunition in stock.

And many POW customers fear it's going to be more of the same after Tuesday's speech.


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