Local 'Day of Resistance' planned to protest gun control legislation

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - Julie Buck is a 34-year-old wife, and mother of two daughters. She doesn't own a gun, but is in the process of getting one.

"We have the right for the protection if we so choose," she said.

Not only is Buck taking up arms to protect those she loves, she is also organizing a local demonstration that is part of a national movement that she believes will protect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.

Buck and other gun right advocates from the area will gather in West Chester for a "Day of Resistance" on Saturday, Feb. 23. The event is part of a national movement on that day protesting gun legislation proposed by President Barack Obama's administration.

"We feel that some of the proposed laws right now are making law abiding citizens the criminal," said Buck. "We need to focus on the actual criminal who is committing the crimes."

The event in West Chester will take place at The Square at Union Center, 9285 Centre Pointe Drive from noon to 4 p.m.

Some of the proposals put forth by the Obama administration concerning gun control include a ban on assault weapons, limiting ammunition magazines, cracking down on gun trafficking and requiring universal background checks.

Buck though sees the limitations proposed by President Obama as a threat to freedoms as defined in the U.S. Constitution.

"It should be a right if we so choose," said Buck.  "I don't think we should have limits on it. If you don't choose to own a gun that's fine, but if we want to own a gun we have that right to choose that."


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