Local artist portrays events of 2001 riots in comic book

CINCINNATI - Hunched over a table in his Northside apartment, Dan Moore is preparing to tell the world about a transformative moment.

"I had just been getting involved in politics when I was 17," he says. "When this happened, it made it all very real."

An event not just in his life, but in the very fabric of Cincinnati.

Ten years ago, as a student activist at Walnut Hills High School, Moore found himself attracted to the boiling unrest that led to the 2001 riots sweeping over the city.

"I want people to remember the riots in the way that they actually happened," he says. "Not by the way it was portrayed by the media."

To do that, he's telling his story as a graphic novel.

"It makes it easier to digest some of the politics about the riots in Cincinnati."

His pages are filled with real life characters who tell their stories with depth the news media may have missed.

"I interviewed Rev. Damon Lynch III," Moore says. [And] one of the former leaders of the new Black Panther Party in Cincinnati...[and] just a regular guy who lives in Over-the-Rhine that got picked up for curfew violations coming home from work."

Even though Moore's book doesn't shy away from the violence, he stresses the positive that he says came from the events a decade ago.

"There was lots and lots of grassroots organizing and lots and lots of community people getting engaged," he says.

And for the artist, there's a strictly personal benefit.

"Drawing this book has been the biggest art education I've ever had," he says.

If you would like to contribute a memory or story from the 2001 riots to Moore's book, email him at cincinnatiriotsbook@gmail.com.

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