Let's Pizza vending machine coming to US

Americans will soon be able to get their piping hot pizza out of a vending machine.

The marvel of modern convenience will reportedly create a pizza in less than three minutes. That's the claim of distributor A1 Concepts, a company based in The Netherlands that told PizzaMarketplace that it plans to open a headquarters in Atlanta later this year.

A1 Concepts CEO Ronald Rammers told PizzaMarketplace that the Let's Pizza machine has a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water. It makes the dough, shapes it into a crust and tops it with organic tomato sauce each time before adding the topping.

An infrared oven enables its fast cooking. Each vending machine holds ingredients for 200 pizzas and offers four varieties of pizza.

Rammers expects to see it in malls, airports, hospitals, universities, hotels and similar locations. A 10.5-inch pizza is expected to retail for $5.95, though the price may change with location as places like amusement parks and universities may charge more.

TIME's NewsFeed blog reported that the machine, created in Italy, has been successful over the past three years in Europe.

A promotional video stresses the cleanliness factor, stating that human hands do not touch the pizzas and the pizzas are made in a "human-free environment."

Watch the video for Let's Pizza.

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