Last minute shoppers out in full force Christmas Eve

FLORENCE, Ky. - From grocery stores to shopping malls, people were out last minute shopping for the holidays.

Leslie Day of Walton, Ky. said she lives for it.

"I close all the stores down, you know what time they all close, one is open until 6 p.m., one is open until 7 p.m.," Day said.

Day was shopping at Meijer in Florence.  This year she searched the stores until she found the perfect gift for her granddaughter, a Pokemon video game.

"I'm always running around on the last day of Christmas waiting to see what the good sales are," Day said.

Tina Kindle rushed to Meijer after she got off work at 6 p.m.

"I needed to get a few things for breakfast in the morning and treats to take to other people," Kindle said.  "Other than that, I'm done."

"Oatmeal cream pies, more chips," last minute shopper Micah Harris said.  "It is the way we like to do it and get unhealthy, get fat and then I'll go to the gym later."

Harris said he was taking all of the junk food to his grandparents house.

In Crestview Hills, stores were just as busy. 

Kim Luse traveled all the way from Florida to spend the holidays with her family.

"I sat down this afternoon with my mom and just decided I had a minute with her all to myself and just decided to spend that time with her today," Luse said.

That's why she didn't hit the stores until late. 

However, being a last minute shopper will always be intentional for Leslie Day.

"It tires my husband and kids out, but not me."

Stores employees said the majority of last minute shoppers like every year, are men.  However, the steady business keeps the stores going.

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