Lakota swimmers host summer food drive

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - Two swim teams, the Lakota Hills Wavemakers and Windwood Warriors, had a healthy competition Tuesday night with a twist.

The teams raced to see which group would bring in the most non-perishable items for a reach out Lakota food drive.

Organizers say donations are slim during the summer, but representatives from both teams say their goal is to fill the pantry to the brim.

"This is a tradition we started that seems to be pretty popular with both swim teams," said Diane Butterfield, a Lakota Hills swim mom.

The close-knit groups also donated electronics, candy and temporary tattoos for raffle prizes to raise money.

Lakota Hills swimmer Sara Luebbe said contributed toothbrushes, canned goods and an iPod. Although she's grateful to help those in need, she hopes lady luck is on her side.

"I was hoping to win something, because we usually don't win raffles," she says.

Luebbe will continue to be in the giving spirit, if she happens to win the coveted prize she donated by giving the iPod to a friend.

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