Kings schools expanding security cameras and technology

MASON, Ohio - The Kings Local School District plans to expand motion sensor security cameras to all of its schools, buy 644 new electronic devices for students, and expand Wi-Fi to every campus by the end of the school year.

Those are just some of the finances the Kings School Board will be presenting to the community at a public meeting in the Junior High School Multipurpose room Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Superintendent Dr. Valerie Browning and Treasurer Mike Mowery will present information on the district's current financial situation, its financial future and cost control measures. Community members will have the opportunity to ask questions and give their input on how the district plans to spend $1,100,000 on permanent improvements.

Security and safety are a big priority in the school district's "2013 Financial Outlook." The districts plan calls for $275,000 in security and safety upgrades including ALICE training for its teachers to prepare for a crisis situation on campus. Currently there are 74 motion sensor security cameras installed around Kings Junior and High School.  The board plans to add security cameras in every school as well as make improvements to its badge lock system.

The junior and high school were also the testing ground for Wi-Fi hotspots across the campus. The school board says because of the success they plan to spend part of the permanent improvement funds on expanding Internet access through every school in the district. 

The school board also plans to present information on cost saving measures including building repairs and switching to white energy-efficient rooftops.

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