Jurors watch interview with suspect in death of Sgt. Brian Dulle

LEBANON, Ohio - Jurors in the trial of the Middletown man accused of killing a Warren County Sheriff's deputy watched parts of a videotaped interview detectives conducted with the suspect.

The interview was conducted at the Warren County Sheriff's office at 6:45 in the morning, just hours after Sgt. Brian Dulle was hit and and killed while putting out stop sticks to stop a police chase at U.S. 42 and Utica Road in Turtlecreek Township.

During the interview Marcus Isreal tells investigators he was not driving the car that police were chasing in the early morning hours of May 10, 2011.He says he was a passenger and a man named "J.J." was driving.

Sergeant Brandon Lacy told the court Thursday that Isreal told him, "J.J.'s driving was reckless, and he was afraid for his own life, the way J.J. was driving."

Investigators never found anyone named J.J. Isreal told detectives that he did not know J.J.'s last name.

Isreal told investigators on the recording that he was at a bar in Middletown with J.J. before the police chase. He says he doesn't remember anything after leaving the bar until he woke up in the bushes.

Detectives told Isreal during the interview that he needed to tell the truth or he would end up in more trouble. Isreal was told detectives had evidence that he was the driver, but he didn't budge on his story. Eventually, investigators told Isreal a cop was killed. He responded by saying he didn't know that J.J. hit anyone.

When detectives left the interview room Isreal mumbled to himself, "I killed a cop?"

Isreal's attorney, Clyde Bennett, is not disputing that his client was the one leading police on a chase. He also doesn't dispute that Israel hit Dulle.

Bennett says the charge of murder is too "tough," and that his client did not intend to hurt anyone.


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