Ruling today on teacher sex case

LEBANON, Ohio - The judge hearing the trial of the former Mason High School teacher accused of having sex with students says he will rule on the case Thursday afternoon.

Closing arguments began at 2 p.m. and wrapped up at 2:45 p.m. The judge is expected to announce his decision within the next hour.

The insanity plea entered by Stacy Schuler, 33, was challenged by the prosecution Thursday.

Nancy Schmidt-Goessling, a forensic psychologist, testified that her reports indicate Schuler did not have a severe mental disease or defect that would have led her to not understand the difference between right and wrong when she allegedly had sex with five students. She testified that the insanity defense doesn't hold up.

"Was she operating at top notch, probably not." said Schmidt-Goessling. "She probably felt miserable but at no point did it raise to a severe mental illness or defect."

Schmidt-Goessling testified that people who are ruled insane generally have hallucinations and bizarre thoughts that tell them to do things that are wrong. She says that wasn't the case with Schuler.

She told the judge that Schuler was feeling stressed, tired and depressed over a recent divorce. She says Schuler has a history of establishing proper boundaries in relationships by letting people too close and telling people too much information.

9 News obtained Schuler's divorce papers which show a history of concern about her behavior. Her husband at the time claimed she had inappropriate social relationships with former students and would go to parties hosted by 18 to 20 year olds where alcohol was served.

However, the paperwork does not accuse her of any sexual activity with any of those students.

A forensic psychologist and a toxicologist testified for the defense on Wednesday that Schuler's judgement could have been drastically impaired because of a combination of her mental illnesses, an anti-depressant she was taking and the alcohol she was consuming.

Schuler says she does not recall the alleged incidents.

"The combined effects of the use of Zoloft and moderate to heavy alcohol consumption are consistent with abhorrent behavior described as well as the memory lapses," said toxicologist Harry Plotnick.

Psychologist Ken Manges testified,"I believe that she had a severe mental disease when she participated in those sexual acts with those guys."

The alleged victims say they were 17 years old when they went to Schuler's Springboro home on several occasions and had sex with their teacher in the fall of 2010. They say they also smoked marijuana with her and drank alcohol with her.

Schuler is charged with 16 counts of sexual battery.

9 News has a crew at the courthouse and will update this story as soon as more information becomes available.


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