Journalist Laura Ling talks about being held captive in North Korea

MONTGOMERY, Ohio - The journalist who was held captive by North Korea in 2009 spoke Thursday in the Tri-state.

Laura Ling spoke at a town hall lecture for the Montgomery Women's Club.

She discussed the drug rings in Mexico and other stories she covered, but most importantly, the 140 days she was held in North Korea until President Clinton helped free her and another journalist.

"President Clinton later told me that when he visited with North Norea's leader Kim Jung Il, he told President Clinton when Kim Jung il's father passed away,  President Clinton was the first leader to call him to offer his condolences even before Kim's own allies, and that really had an impact on Kim Jung Il, and to think that could be one of the reasons why we were released is pretty astonishing to me," Ling said.

Ling said that while the issues on the Korean peninsula are very serious and unpredictable, she has hope in diplomacy and the people there.

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