Is Serpent Mound being saved or vandalized?

ADAMS COUNTY, Ohio - What looks like a piece of homemade jewelry to some is a cosmic energy generator that others say could save the earth from psychic destruction.

They are called "Orgonites," or "Orgone generators" which are made of copper wire and BBs encased with a quartz crystal in plastic resin.

Many — possibly hundreds — of these little devices have apparently been planted at the ancient Serpent Mound in Adams County.

"They call themselves 'Light Workers,'" said Thomas Johnson, who was contacted by the group ostensibly for an interview about a nearby asteroid crater.

"There's a group of people who will come up," he said, "and they'll try and clear energy from the Serpent, like a negative energy from groups that go up there and put something bad there."

Johnson runs the House of Phacops, which sells rocks, crystals and fossils to the public just down the road from the mound. He says the giant snake-shaped mound is actually a very artistic calendar, marking several celestial events, including the spring and fall equinox.

Built by native tribes 1,000 years ago, Johnson says the mound has been a magnet for the spiritual ever since.

"People leave little mementos, they'll throw them over the cliff or they'll bury it under the grass," he said.

A website called Ashtar Command had a video page called "Serpent Mound Reactivation, 2012,"  but the link was recently removed. That may be because the Adams County Sheriff' and the Ohio Historical Society are apparently investigating the mass planting of Orgonites as vandalism.

Johnson says while he doesn't condone what the Light Workers allegedly did, their big mistake was going public.

"The bad part about what they did is they put it on the internet," he said, "and it promotes that type of behavior."


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