Infections a concern for high school athletes

MRSA Staph infections on the rise

CINCINNATI - High school sports is a big part of many students lives. But, doctors are warning parents and students to be on the lookout for infections that can be contracted in locker rooms.

"We're seeing it at the high school level, the college level, and the professional level," said Dr. Angelo Colosimo, Director of Sports Medicine for UC.

Colosimo is talking about MRSA, a staph infection that is harder to treat than older strains.

MRSA is spread by direct contact, in showers, and on training tables.

"Some of these locker rooms, if you've ever seen them, are pretty dirty. You've got to make a concerted effort to keep these clean, and keep them disinfected," Colosimo said.

Infection specialists say more infections are coming from outside hospitals than inside them.

"It has kind of flip flopped over the years, and we're seeing more of it outside in the community than we see inside hospitals. Hospitals have put in interventions to keep infections down, and people are being admitted into the hospital with those infections," said Francine Kidd, Infection Preventionist at University Hospital.

MRSA starts like a pimple, then it gets bigger, before it eventually turns in to an abscess.

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