Hundreds help refurbish Norwood schools by painting walls, classroom, stairs

NORWOOD, Ohio - What was once old is now new again in Norwood.

Close to 200 volunteers spent much of Saturday giving schools in the area a much-needed facelift.

One of those volunteers, Raymond Woods, said the experience was something he would never forget.

Woods has lived in Cincinnati for a few months, but thought this weekend would be a perfect way to get involved in the community and serve others. Woods joined Give Back Cincinnati when he moved to the area from Atlanta for work.

"I would've liked to have this opportunity when I was in school, to be able to do something like this," Woods said.

Officials from Norwood Schools said they are grateful for volunteers like Woods, especially since the school facilities were in need of some updating. The school where Woods worked is 100 years old, and has experienced its fair share of wear and tear.

"We're already known as one of the 100 best communities for children to learn, so the idea that Give Back Cincinnati would help us beautify our schools is really special," said Kathy Sabo, Norwood Middle School principal.

Give Back Cincinnati volunteers painted the stairs, hallways and classroom at Norwood Middle School for nearly five hours until the school looked years younger.

Woods said he looks forward to being involved with the organization in the future.

"It's amazing to see how different people from different experiences, all walks of life and areas of Ohio give back to the community," said Woods. "It's something I'd like to do on a continuous basis and it something I really look forward to."

If you'd like to get involved or volunteer with Give Back Cincinnati, click here or go to the Give Back Cincinnati website.

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