Hundreds gather for deputy's funeral

MASON, Ohio - The funeral service for Warren County Sergeant Brian Dulle was full of laughter and tears.

A chaplain called the service a celebration of life to help friends and co-workers cling to fond memories of Sgt. Dulle.

About 2-thousand people filled Christ's Church at Mason at noon Saturday to honor 36-year-old Dulle who was hit and killed by a suspect's car during a police chase Tuesday morning. Many of the seats were filled with law enforcement officers from departments around the state and region.

Dulle's wife, Abbie, sat in the front row of the large chapel with the couple's three young children at her side.

"He put his life on the line to protect others and this takes an incredible amount of courage," said Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims. "There is no greater honor than laying your life down for another," he said.

Dulle's father, Ed, told everyone, "As much of a good policeman he was, we want everyone to know he was a better son, father, husband, uncle, cousin. Brian was our go-to guy in the family."

"He loved Warren County. Brian Dulle optimized others. They came first," said Ed Dulle.

Photos of Dulle with his family were flashed on large screens before the ceremony started.

A large photo of Dulle stood on an easel in front of a casket draped with an American flag. Flowers lined the steps behind the casket while red, white, and blue lights reflected off one large wall.

The service included words from Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims, Dulle's father, Ed, and clergy.

Before going to the podium to speak, Sheriff Larry Sims gave Dulle's wife a kiss.
Then, he leaned down and kissed the casket. "We lost a good friend in Brian Dulle," said Sims.
The Sheriff said Dulle made him a better person.

Sims described Sgt. Dulle as a true leader who worked hard and loved his job. "While Brian has a professional side, he has his fun-loving side also," said Sims.

Sims shared stories from other people who worked at the Sheriff's office. One said, "How could anyone not like this guy." Another said, "He's a man of integrity who could be counted on by friends and family."

Sims said if you ever came to work sad, "You could count on Brian to have a wise-crack to cheer you up."

The Sheriff told a few stories of practical jokes Dulle played on co-workers that brought roars of laughter throughout the church.

A procession from the church to the cemetery in Lebanon included hundreds of police vehicles, motorcycles.


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