Hopes for 2013: Tri-State residents plan on making the New Year count

WCPO.com talked with residents on Jan. 1

CINCINNATI - James Coleman hit the ground running for the New Year, literally. The Wilder, Ky. resident participated in the Commitment 5K that began at Taylor Southgate Bridge near Newport on the Levee.

"I ran as a kid and I got burned out," Coleman said after crossing the finishing line of the 3.2 mile race. "I quit when I was 15 and haven't ran in 17 years."

For Coleman the organized run was more than part of a national day to improve health. It was the start to a bigger hope he has for himself in 2013.

"I want to run my first marathon, the Flying Pig. I want to run it in 2 hours and 55 minutes," he said.

Of course Coleman wasn't the only person in the Tri-State with New Years day hopes--some personal and some more general--for 2013.

Hoping for health

Jan. 1 found the Collins family of Richmond, Ky. thinking about better health and new beginnings.

Dad Brandon and Mom Jamie took their young daughter Boston to the Newport Aquarium.

"We're hoping for better health," said Brandon.

"We're hoping for a healthy baby due in a few weeks," added Jamie.

Boston might have responded, but her teeth with chattering in the cold.

Time with loved ones

Mother Marcia Wergers of Anderson and her daughter Elyse engaged in their shared hope for the days ahead –more time with loved ones.

Sitting together at Sitwell Coffee Shop in Clifton on New Year's Day, the two ate lunch and caught up.

"I want to reconnect with relatives," said Marcia. "Being a kindergarten assistant at the Cincinnati Warldolff School and a mother of 4 keeps me busy."

Speaking of family across the country Marcia said she knows she needs her relatives, and they need her.Her daughter, Elyse, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati with a double major, agreed with her mother.

"I hope to see more of my family," Elyse said. "I'm pretty busy at school."

Marcia showed great pride in her daughter, and hope for her future when she shared that her daughter held two part-time jobs, a morning babysitting commitment, and an internship on top of her studies.

And being family, Elyse blushed slightly as her mother shared her accomplishments before they went back to eating lunch and talking.

Wishes for peace and prosperity

For others, hopes for 2013 settled on broader, national issues that come close to home.

"I hope the economy gets better and unemployment is dealt with," said Thomas Claggett of Clifton. "The fiscal cliff is obviously pretty rocky."

His friend Becky Sorensen, also of Clifton, agreed.

"I'm looking for a full-time job," she said.

Sorensen had other hopes and concerns for 2013 as well.

"People need to calm down with all the shooting," she said, referring to the Sandy Hook school shooting in December, and the shooting at the theater in Colorado in July 2012.

"Killing all those kids and the shooter was 21 years old, a kid himself," she said of the elementary school shooting before trailing off and adding she was not sure if there was a way to prevent such incidents in the future.

Dora Shield of Clifton though offered her own solution, and hope for 2013:

"I hope for a loving year for all."

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