Homer and selfies and new neighbors, oh my! A digital week in review

CINCINNATI - Homer Bailey's no-hitter, a College World Series historic "selfie," a royal first, and a social network that allows you to connect with your neighbors in a non-traditional way. It's been a busy digital week! Let's jump in.

The greatest selfie in the history of sports?

The infamous "selfie" shot has a history of being taken in rather inappropriate places. The bathroom? Gross. Behind the wheel of a car? Distracted driving. In a classroom? Hey, eyes up front and pay attention! But never before has an event-crashing, field-rushing, game-interrupting prank been captured in selfie form until now.

  • See it to believe it: Girl Rushes Field at College World Series and Manages Greatest Selfie in Sports  http://bit.ly/17RqBGb

Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill and Torrie Hill took to social media to announce that for $1,500 they'd rush the field during the College World Series game. Setting the world up for what was to come, they Tweeted their impending field rush and – here's the best part – captured a Vine that ended with a selfie as soon as they hit the grass.

Naturally, they were caught by security and escorted out of the stadium. But they started something new – because now, any person who gets the "brilliant" idea of streaking in the middle of a professional sporting event will forever and always be second rate compared to the three young women who tried to ruin a sporting event in the most girly way possible.

Instagram vs. Vine: The battle 

In the battle of video apps, the gloves are off and Instagram and Vine are duking it out. 

Vine, the 6-second video sharing app, initially soared in popularity and even overtook Instagram on Twitter. But, Instagram struck back, releasing it's own video feature that allows users to share up to 15 seconds of video – while adding the vintage and unique filters that define the app.

This week, updated numbers showed Instagram was regaining its foothold as Vine dipped in shares on Twitter.

Which one do YOU prefer?

Who's Nextdoor.com?

Ever since I can remember, my parents have been "neighbor" people. From grill outs to play dates, the Baks have always been close with their neighbors. A lot of our family friends were lucky enough to have similar relationships with their communities. So what about people who are new to an area? Or if you live in an apartment building (like me) and can't exactly have the neighbors over for a barbecue on your back porch?

A new social platform, nextdoor.com, hopes to change the way you interact with your community by connecting you with the people who live right next door. It allows you to share news, meet newcoers, exchange information and arrange get togethers with people who live right down the street. Talk about hyperlocal!

  • Read more: Nextdoor.com: New social media platform lets Tri-State neighbors connect online and in real life  http://bit.ly/1cISgpI

The $2,000 tweet

Here's a head-up for all you savvy businesspeople and investors on the verge of acquiring a multi-million dollar company: don't post any backhanded Tweets about it. Because it will cost you big time.

Take Carl Icahn, for example. He joined Twitter, posted "Twitter is great. I like it almost as much as I like Dell," and ended up with a $2,000 fine because--oh yeah--he's currently attempting to take over Dell and thus violated section 14A of the Security and Exchange Commission's rules.

  • Read more: For hedge funds engaged in proxy battles, taking to Twitter can get costly  http://bit.ly/13jmuks

One on hand, Icahn probably learned his lesson, as he's been pretty silent on Twitter since this incident. On the other hand, if you're a hedge fund titan like Carl Icahn, paying a $2,000 penalty has to be a total joke.

Some babies have all the luck

It's not enough that the royal infant will someday be king or queen of England. Now the heir to the throne has this distinction, too: Prince William and Kate Middleton's child may be the first person to get a Wikipedia page before being born.

Viral pic of the week

Homer Bailey: ‘Nuff said. Bailey's second career no-hitter made history on July 2, and the social mediaverse EXPLODED with Cincinnati pride and the hashtag #HomerNoNo.

If you were at the game, you'll remember it forever. If you weren't able to make it, the pictures that came out of GABP that night are sure to give you chills. Check a few of them out in our Facebook album: http://on.fb.me/12FWKMb

Where's the weirdest place you've seen someone take a selfie? Planning on checking out nextdoor.com to meet some neighbors? Are you #TeamInstagram or #TeamVine? Let me know what you're thinking – connect with me on Twitter @jennyfromthebak

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