Have your say: The best and worst words and phrases of 2012

Selfie, superstorm or YOLO?

CINCINNATI - The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion has its annual list of most annoying words.

Lake Superior State University has its yearly list of "banished words," those many of us would like to leave behind in the previous year.

And, then there's the American Dialect Society. Never heard of the ADS? Here's how the organization describes itself:

"The American Dialect Society, founded in 1889, is dedicated to the study of the English language in North America, and of other languages, or dialects of other languages, influencing it or influenced by it." 

As it has done since 1990, ADS members will vote on the word of the year at their annual gathering in January. We, the people, get to nominate the expression that "most reflects the ideas, events, and themes which have occupied the English-speaking world, especially North America."

Here's how to vote:

The Lake Superior State University banished word list also comes out in early January, so there's still time to nominate words and phrases you never hope to hear again:

As for the Marist Poll's most annoying words of 2012, "whatever" and "just sayin'" rubbed us the wrong way. So did "Twitterverse."

Marist surveyed about 1,200 adults around the U.S. earlier this month to come up with its results.

What are some of the words and phrases you hope to never hear again? 

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