Hate-filled graffiti puts Newtown police on lookout

NEWTOWN, Ohio - The Newtown Police Department is trying to find whoever spray-painted hate-filled graffiti on a church van, a truck and a business last weekend.

The graffiti says "Kill people," "Burn school" and "Hail Satan!" and includes profanities and a racial slur.

See a photo gallery at http://www.wcpo.com/gallery/news/news_photo_gallery/photos-hate-filled-graffiti-puts-newtown-police-on-lookout

Newtown police said they are looking for two girls in connection with their investigation. The girls were photographed by a surveillance camera at the Milford Walmart (click on 2 above to see their photo).

Jim Yutzy of Faith Christian Fellowship Church, whose van was targeted, was worried that the people who did it might actually intend to carry out their threats.

"It's disturbing because we don't know the intent behind it - if it's playful whatever or if it is a violent statement," Yutzy said. "We've had other things happen to our church and we've always wondered if it's a statement."

Police Det. Spencer Bischoff said he was concerned that the graffiti seems to rise about simple vandalism.

"I feel it definitely rises above what kids do, what kids tend to do and what kids tend to say simply because there's some background to it and maybe some actual threats that might be carried out,"  Bischoff said.

Bischoff was concerned about the words "Burn school" and an arrow pointing in the direction of the Miami Valley Christian Academy.

"We want to figure out why," Bischoff said.

If you know the girls in the photo or have any information about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.


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