Hamilton may extend time to pay speed camera tickets

HAMILTON, Ohio - Drivers who got caught by one of the speed cameras in Hamilton may soon get more time to pay their fines.

Hamilton City Council members are deciding whether to approve a plan that would give more time for violators to pay tickets received from those cameras.

Right now, drivers have 20 days to pay off those tickets. Sergeant Ed Buns, who issues the tickets that come from the camera, wants it to change to 30.

Sergeant Buns says the extension will help both the city and drivers.

"Life revolves in 30-day increments," Sgt. Buns said. "Your credit card bills are due in 30 days; almost everything we do is by the month."

Sergeant Buns says he receives calls often asking for extensions to pay and although the change is up to council members, Buns says it just makes sense.

"It puts the situation where they're more used to a time period. Admittedly too it helps us because they're not calling asking 'can we get a few days?' We're giving them an extra 10 days," Sgt. Buns said.

Hamilton's speed camera is attached to an SUV and is moved all the time, many times with officers sitting in the van, but also often unoccupied.

Council will take up the idea to extend the time violators have to pay Wednesday night at a meeting.

9 On Your Side reporter Mekialaya White contributed to this report.

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