Hamilton City Schools awaits enrollment audit results

HAMILTON, Ohio - Hamilton City Schools expect to pass the state audit that investigated irregular enrollment and attendance practices at 100 districts across the state.

"Right now it looks like we're in good shape we're confident that our numbers stand true," said Joni Copas the Director of Communications for Hamilton City School District.

After it was revealed that some school district's like Lockland engaged in a practice of "scrubbing" poor performing students from its enrollment in order to bring the district's test scores up, Ohio Auditor David Yost launched his investigation.

Hamilton City Schools was flagged because of high student migration in and out of the district.  However, Copas explains there is a good reason why.

"Hamilton is unique in that any student that's at a court specialized program such as the juvenile detention center juvenile rehabilitation center no matter where they are in the county or the state who come into our local juvenile detention center and then their records are filtered in and out of our school district," said Copas.

Thus, as students move in and out of court ordered facilities like the Juvenile Justice Center in Hamilton, they in turn move in and out of the district and it was that migration that caught the eye of the state.

The state report released this week lists Hamilton as "indeterminate" because its portion of the audit isn't complete.

The district expects to receive the results as early as next week.

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