Google privacy policy changes affect YouTube, Gmail, Google Plus and create one policy

CLEVELAND - Google is warning users that its privacy policy is changing. You see the warning when you login to their services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader and Google Plus to name just a few of their products.

The change began Thursday March 1, and combines more than 60 different privacy policies into just one.

"What I find is that a company that have a lot of policies to follow, nobody is following it to the letter across the whole organization," Chris Clymer said.

Clymer advises companies on security issues as manager of Advisory Services, and thinks a single policy for all platforms will be a good thing for the company and consumers.

"To me, the big difference there is they are probably going to actually follow the policy," Clymer said.

There are plenty of critics, though, because Google will now be able to target ads more specifically to you.

"Things you talk about on Google Plus might get used to target ads on YouTube. They're going to tie together all these different things they own," Clymer said.

Critics say the company is limiting privacy all to make a buck on advertising. Some groups are telling consumers to setup dummy accounts on the different Google services so you can't be tracked and targeted as easily.

While this change may alarm you, security experts say the majority of what you do online is tracked. Clymer said you think you're using a product like YouTube, but Clymer says you are really the product.

"It's in their interest to track me. It's in their interest to sell demographics to advertisers," Clymer said.

This privacy policy change will not impact you if you simply use Google's search engines. It only impacts users who have to log in to one of the free services offered by Google.

You need to opt out by Thursday or you'll automatically agree to this new policy.

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