Friends of Paige Johnson rally to support mother

COVINGTON, Ky. - Friends and family of Paige Johnson held a rally to raise moneyand to show support for Paige's mother Donna.

"It shows a lot of people care about Paige. She was a very sweetperson. Everyone here loves her and we all want her to come home,"said Donna Johnson.

The rally was held at Paint Yourself Silly on Decoursey Pike inCovington.

"Everybody's coming together for one cause and that's to findher and to show the family that we support them and I think it'sworking," said Lisa Little the owner of Paint Yourself Silly andthe event organizer.

Saturday marks one month since Paige Johnson'sdisappearance.

"I fear the negative, really bad," said Carmen Klein Paige'sfriend.

"I wake up every morning and think about the negative but I tryto put myself more positive," said Klein.

Across the street a volunteer who would only give us her firstname explained why she was asking passing cars to donate money forthe Paige Johnson fund.

"Because I have children and if one of my children were missingI'd want people out here doing this for me too," said Lisa.

More than 100 searchers combed through East Fork State Parkearlier this week for the 17-year-old, but found nothing.

"Pings" from Jacob Bumpass' cell phone from a cell tower in EastFork State Park suggested to investigators that he was not inNorthern Kentucky on the night of Johnson's disappearance as he hadsaid.

"They have to know something and the longer they don't talk themore pain we have to go through and I just wish they would justtell us what happened to Paige because they have to know," saidDonna Johnson wiping tears from her eyes.

A non-profit organization is also offering a reward forinformation leading to Johnson's whereabouts.

The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation is offering a $1,000reward.

The Foundation is a community-based organization servingchildren and families in Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties.

If you have any information about where Paige Johnson might be,or might have been, please call The Covington Police Department at(859)292-2222.

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