Friend: Dulle was 'the most generous guy'

LEBANON, Ohio - We've heard praise for Sgt Brian Dulle as a father and as a worker. Now people are saying he was also an incredible friend.

Sgt. Dulle was hit and killed by a suspect who was allegedly driving about 100 miles per hour during a police chase Tuesday morning. Investigators say Dulle was putting stop sticks out when the Marcus Isreal went off the road and hit Dulle.

The most generous guy. That's just one of the compliments Ryan Hunt of Hamilton Township gives Dulle. Hunt says it will never be the same to go into the basement of his home. Dulle did most of the work to finish it.

"There's only one thing I can picture when I come down here, us working on a certain wall or doing a certain piece to make it look right," said Hunt.

Hunt got to know Dulle 10 years ago when Hunt worked for the Morrow Police Department. They often responded to the same calls. They became friends.

Hunt says Dulle didn't ask for a dime for the hundreds of hours he spent working on his basement last year.

"Showed up after work one morning. Got out a piece of paper and pencil and started measuring and sketching out how we wanted the walls to be shaped and how we wanted doors to enclose different things," said Hunt.

Before Hunt knew it, wood was in the driveway. The walls were going up. Dulle took care of the details. He did the electric, put in the lights, put up the doors.

While Dulle was serious about work, friends say he liked to have fun.

"He's one of the most personable, funniest individuals you will ever meet." said Hunt.

Hunt says many people are suffering because of Dulle's death. A group of friends is working on planning some fundraisers. They want to have an annual golf outing and sell window stickers to be sure their friend is always remembered.

Hunt knows a lot of people but says he doesn't know anyone who would do more for others than Dulle.

"I just think he liked helping people. He was just an all-around, kind-hearted person that spent time with his family and helping people."


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