Jury selection continues for trial of former Bengals player

CINCINNATI - Former Cincinnati Bengals player, Nate Webster, is heading back to court Tuesday to face accusations of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Webster sat through jury selection Monday afternoon and the selection continues Tuesday morning.

There will be some high profile witnesses like Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who was named as a defense witness and the Ravens Director of Security was named by the prosecution to testify.

Webster is accused of having sex with the daughter of a Bengals coach in 2009.  But Monday in court, defense lawyers suggested that the encounter did not happen until 2010.  That is when the girl was 16 years old.  The victim reported the alleged incident two years after it happened to her parents when she was 17.

The prosecution's Katie Burroughs informed potential jurors of a "CSI Effect."  She explained that television shows like CBS's "CSI: Miami" or ABC's "Castle" have, in some cases, caused jurors not to convict a person of a crime, because of no physical evidence like: DNA, photos, or fingerprints.

Burroughs then confirmed, with the potential body of jurors, that they could be objective with witness testimony and documents like phone records.  

Webster's defense team honed in on those very records by asking one potential member if he would expect a sex victim to continuously reach out and contact her assaulter by text messaging or phone calls.

Judge Ralph Winkler asked if any of the jurors knew of the defendant.  Of the approximately 35 pooled jurors, four raised their hands.  Each were asked to step up to the judge's bench, one at a time, for a sidebar meeting between the judge and lawyers, as to not prejudice any of the other members in the pool.  None of the four were excused after the meeting.

Jury selection will resume at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning in room 360.

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