First responders hit hard by Dulle's death

LEBANON, Ohio - Flags across Warren County flew at half staff Tuesday and parents hugged their children just a little more tightly after the death of Sgt. Brian Dulle.

"I think we all feel for the family more than anything. I mean with his wife his children they'll never see their father again and that's a debt that can't be repaid," said Lt. Dion Grener of the Lebanon Fire Department.

Grener says for those who put themselves in harms way this is a grim reminder of what can sometimes happen.

"With a tragic loss like this it just makes guys want to go home and hug their family and see their kids and their wife and just get through their shift," continued Grener.

Scott Coffey, a Springboro police officer, worked with Dulle.

"I worked with him probably five years ago with the county and there have been a few calls with the city I've worked with him," said Coffey.

He says Dulle would have wanted his subordinates to learn from the events of early Tuesday morning.

"He would want people to be strong with it.  Learn whatever you can from the incident, during the whole pursuit, up until the final crash and he would remind us not to take things for granted," said Coffey.

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