Paige Johnson to be declared dead; family pursuing legal action against person who saw her last

COVINGTON, Ky. - The attorney representing Paige Johnson's family is pursuing legal action to declare the missing teen deceased.

Johnson was 17 when she last seen on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010.

On Monday, Eric Deters, the family's attorney, released a statement saying the family will seek to have the young mother declared deceased. Deters also indicated Paige's mother, Donna Johnson, will be appointed administrator of Paige's estate.

The third item in Deters' statement indicated the family will be pursuing legal action against Jacob Bumpass, the man who police say last saw Paige.

"We will sue Mr. Bumpass for wrongful death. He can not take the Fifth Amendment in a civil case," Deters said.

Deters says the lawsuit comes in an effort to get Bumpass into a deposition where he will be asked questions about what happened the night Johnson disappeared.

"This is the only way we can get him talk," Donna said.  "It's just not fair that he isn't saying anything.  It's been almost a year, and it's been complete misery the entire time."

Bumpass, 22, told police he dropped Paige off in Covington at 15th and Scott streets at 1 a.m. Sept. 23. Bumpass is in jail on a probation violation and is not set for release until at least 2013.

The fourth item in Deters' statement said they will stop unauthorized fundraising. Deters said he was contacted by a friend of Donna Johnson regarding unauthorized fundraising and use of Paige's name.

"I've followed your stories about Paige Johnson. Like everyone else, I feel for Paige's family and friends," Deters said.

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