Families, teachers among those feeling effects of new Ohio budget

CINCINNATI - With Ohio's new $56 million budget moving closer to final approval on Wednesday, it appears Tri-State families with children and teachers will have to get used to significantly less state funding for their schools and do more for themselves.

In addition to cutting teachers, classes and considering more local school levies; it appears Ohio's 120,000 teachers may be in for some major changes as part of new requirements in the state budget.

For many of them, their future promotions will start to be based on two 30-minute classroom observations as well as their students improvement academically.

Teachers who work in school district's competing for "Race to the Top" education grants may also be moved to a merit pay system in the next two years.

The new budget also does not raise taxes overall and cuts taxes on businesses with new business tax credits.

However, it's sure to remain a controversial budget for the rest of the year, since many of the new collective bargaining laws provisions are included in the budget bill.

Those provisions are ones that voters will be able to weigh in on in November since opponents are putting repeal referendums on the ballot.

The Ohio House of Representatives is scheduled to approve the budget on Wednesday, with Ohio Governor John Kasich signing it into law on Thursday.

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