Facebook and politics don't mix for many

CINCINNATI - Talking politics has become common and annoying for many Facebook users.

Experts say only about 25 percent of Facebook users post about politics, and for many users that's too much.

"You'll see people post on Facebook about people posting on Facebook about political stuff," said Brett VonEwegen.

Experts say 75 percent of Facebook users try to ignore political posts.

"People who just aren't interested in politics just don't want to be exposed to it," said Patrick Miller, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati.

Miller says 25 percent of Facebook users will comment on a political post they don't agree with. About 10 percent will go as far as to block someone that they feels posts too much about politics.

Miller says there is no indication that supporters of either political party post more than others.

But one thing is clear from his research. Most people don't want to hear what their Facebook friends have to say about politics.

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