Winton Woods senior has gold medal to be proud of

FOREST PARK, Ohio - Throughout Shanice Wiechman's career at Winton Woods High Shool, she has chosen to take the most challenging and difficult classes.

"She's just awesome! Honestly, in the past 13 years, I can count on my hand, really, the other students that compare to her, all around," said Winton Woods guidance counselor, Kevin Jones.

Weichman's teachers know she sets the bar high for her fellow classmates. Being a leader though, is not something Weichman says she seeks out.

"A lot of times I try to sit back, but when it's called for I do step up and lead in school projects or different things. If it's necessary, then I can be a leader," said Wiechman.

Wiechman also has a gold medal to be proud of. She won it while competing with the Winton Woods Varsity Ensemble during the 2012 World Choir Games. Weichman had a great time competing but says she'll take more than just a medal away from the experience.

"It was cool to see how they were just normal kids like us... just to experience different cultures. And then actually winning a Gold medal was amazing, everyone around us cheering. It was a really big deal," said Wiechman.

Wiechman's counselor, Nikki Bunton said Wiechman is a leader outside of the school as well.

"In addition to her academic success, [Wiechman] continues to be very involved in her church and school community," Bunton said. "In her church, she has participated in various service opportunities such as volunteering in the church nursery and leading her peers during a youth ministry event."

Wiechman's experience as a student ambassador helped her become a good leader, Bunton said.

"In her role as an ambassador, [Wiechman] will continue to serve her school and community while also displaying a positive example for underclassmen," Bunton said. "In addition to her role as a student ambassador, she is also very active in many academic and interest clubs at school. She is a member of both the choir and orchestra."

Wiechman participates in additional acts of service through the school's Key Club and volunteering her time to help tutor her peers and students in the middle school. She also gives back to her community by participating in various service activities through her membership with the National Honors Society.

Wiechman plans on studying psychology at Miami University after graduating from Winton Woods.

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