Sycamore High School junior helps out needy children around the world

CINCINNATI - Sara Constand excels in and out of the classroom at Sycamore High School. She carries a 4.28 weighted GPA.

Constand also serves as president of her junior class.

Many of Constand's largest accomplishments can be seen in the faces of the children she volunteers to help out in Over-the-Rhine.

"Sometimes we bring chalk for the kids and we play soccer and it's just a really good way to not only give people food but also just sit and talk to them because I think that's equally as giving someone a meal, just being someone they can talk to," Constand said.

Constand shows off her skills on the field playing soccer and lacrosse for Sycamore High School.

She also makes her presence known in other countries, including Haiti, where she helped orphaned children. Additionally, she helped raise money to sponsor children in Uganda so they could go to school.

"Helping people just makes you feel like you're building a community which is something I strive to do both here at the high school through student council but also in the community, just building stronger communities," said Constand.

Her teachers will tell you, she's a born leader.

"She truly wants to give back to her community and that is evident in everything she does... She challenges herself academically. She challenges herself extra-curricularly and is really a role model for the younger kids," said Karen Bare, an Assistant Principal at Sycamore High School.

After graduation in 2014, this stellar standout is keeping her options open, but she's looking into studying medicine or some type of business.

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