Student of the week is a star in the classroom, the softball field and in the community

CINCINNATI - An Oak Hills High School student is a star in the classroom, on the softball diamond and in her community.

Rachel Price's teachers describe her as one of the greats at Oak Hills. Price is in the top two-percent of her class of more than 650 students. Price has been known to even educates her teachers, said Mary Rose Lierman, a teacher and advisor at Oak Hills High School.

"I picked up some things that maybe I wouldn't have done without her guidance and her support and I have to say, everything that she has touched has just changed lives. So honestly it's just been an absolute honor to have Rachel Price in my life," Lierman said.

Price said she loves challenging herself in the classroom and on the softball field, but she will tell you what's helped her grow the most, has been volunteering. Whether it's tutoring elementary kids or helping out with the Special Olympics, Price said she enjoys devoting her time to others.

"I know they get a lot out of it, but when I started out I didn't think I'd get as much out of it as I do. I think it's really important to give back. I think it helps us grow as people more than we ever thought we could," said Price.

Kyna Southworth, a guidance counselor at Oak Hills High School, said Price works to make everyone feel appreciated.

"[Price] is humble and unassuming and she just goes about the world doing the best that she can do to make everybody feel appreciated, make everybody feel like they're loved and they have a place to be. She's just a great kid," Southworth said.

Price plans on studying math education at Miami University. College won't keep her from continuing to help others, as she still plans to continue her service projects.

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