South Dearborn High School senior is happiest when helping others

AURORA, Ind. - Morgan Mosley said she wants to challenge herself as much as she can. Mosley knows it will make her a stronger person.

Mosley is also a very caring person, and devotes part of her time to helping out younger students at South Dearborn High School. In fact, her greatest gift may be helping and listening to others.

"I love that, making people smile! Making people have a good day! It just makes me happy, I'm not happier if I do anything else, I just love making people happy," said Mosley.

Morgan is the vice president of her class, a member of the National Honor Society, and a mentor to freshman students. She even somehow finds time to play varsity soccer.

"She's a person who puts forth an effort in life to get something out of it... And I think when people look at her and they see that she's not stressed out over things, she just puts forth the effort and gets things done," said Chris Nobbe, a teacher at South Dearborn High School.

Mosley's kindness and generosity isn't just felt in the Tri-State, she went to New Orleans to help families recover after being devastated by a hurricane.

"We helped down there, it was a Lutheran conference, when all these people from across the United States came down and we helped paint buildings," said Mosley.

After graduation, Mosley will attend Indiana University on the Cox Research Scholarship, where she plans on possibly studying wildlife biology.

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