Northwest senior leads in the community, the classroom and on the court

CINCINNATI - Hannah Mossman is a senior at Northwest High School who takes her studies as seriously as her sport participation.

Mossman takes honors and advanced placement courses. Hannah is ranked 11th in her class of more than 240 students. Mossman is also vice-president of the school senate and plays volleyball, too.

"I'm also the vice president of [National Honor Society] as well. It's just, a good feeling to help people out and be in charge of something," Mossman added.

Mossman is a four-year Key Club member. She shines whether she's on the court or reigning as the 2012 homecoming queen.

"She is not only brilliant… She is always helping other people. She's always tutoring younger students. Even though she's gone, her leadership will leave an impression on future kids," said Kristin Stegman, a teacher at Northwest High School.

You might think Mossman doesn't have time to fit anything else into her schedule, but she also holds down a part time job.

With all Mossman's talents, her biggest asset might be how much she gives to others.

"We've had several different service activities where, some of them are more hands on, Kids Against Hunger, we did that one and it was literally you're scooping the food into a bag and putting it onto a truck to be shipped off, and that was great because you know exactly where it's going," said Mossman.

Mossman plans on playing volleyball at Mt. St. Joseph and studying business after graduating from Northwest.

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