Madeira Middle School student raises money to help others

MADEIRA, Ohio - Morgan McGee's teachers at Madeira Middle School will tell you she is an exceptional student.

McGee is always positive and is an example for her classmates.

During her summer break, McGee grew and sold tomatoes to raise money and then donated the proceeds to help Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

"They helped me when I was sick so I wanted other children to have a chance like I did," said McGee.

Madeira Middle School Principal Rob Kramer said McGee is an example for other students.

"For a kid this age, that's a unique talent and she's a good role model for other people to see how to do that and how to work with other people collaboratively," he said.

McGee works with students with disabilities, and she will stand up to anyone who does not treat others with respect.

"I'm really happy to help people out because I know that they can fit in and they can feel like they belong and they can be happy," said McGee.

On top of all the good McGee does in the community, she's also a shining star in the classroom.

"She's wonderful. She's been a resource for us, for our kids, for our service learning projects, a true student leader," Kramer said.

What's next for McGee? She's teaming up with Madeira city leaders for the "light it up blue" campaign on April 2, to raise awareness for autism.

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