Kings High School senior inspires everyone around her

MASON, Ohio - Olivia Malmsten is a star in her academics, taking advanced placement and honors courses, but more importantly, her teachers say she's an inspiration to everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Malmsten may be confined to a wheelchair, but the sky is the limit for this senior from Kings High School.

"I really don't feel like I have that many more challenges in the high school realm to overcome and I hope that other students who have disabilities can see that and make things happen," Malmsten said.

Malmsten's teacher, Dustin Goldie says she is great student and role model.

"[Malmsten] is by far, one of the most remarkable students we've had here at Kings recently... I probably have never come across, not just a student, but a human being as tough as she is," said Goldie.

Malmsten is a giving person, and helps out younger students with disabilities.

"It is a very, very rewarding experience. Every time he achieves something, seeing the pride in his face, just carries over. I'm very proud of him and what he's accomplished this year. And it's helped lead to my desire to teach," said Malmsten.

Malmsten is also a member of the National Honor Society, and the mock trial team.

"She's a very special student and we've been privileged and honored to have her at Kings High School," said Goldie.

Goldie added that Malmsten works to be the best she can be every day,

"She makes everyone around her better. [Malmsten] has many physical obstacles she must overcome each day. The way she conducts herself despite these obstacles amazes her principals, teachers and classmates," he said.

She doesn't know where she'll go to college, but she plans on giving back to others by teaching.

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