East Central senior leads the way in the community and the school hallways

ST. LEON, Ind. - Jake Griffin's teachers will tell you he's one in a million. If something is happening at East Central High School, Griffin probably has a hand in it.

"We have all kidded about not wanting him to leave. We wish we could keep [Griffin] and it was 'Who do we have [Griffin] training to take his place?' Because there's so many things that he does," said Jamie Ballart, an assistant principal at East Central.

Here is a little of what nominator Bev Ester, also an assistant principal at East Central, had to say about him.

"[Griffin]'s dedication to others and his conscientious, compassionate ways are what sets him apart from other students. [Griffin] initiates, organizes and oversees a number of school-related activities because of his desire to make things better for others. Currently, [Griffin] is working independently in the television production studio and assisting the technician. [Griffin] is able to broadcast and produce the daily announcements on ECTV and assist with other video programs," Ester said.

Throughout the school year, he has assisted in bringing recognition to students by producing the "Diamond in the Rough" segment on ECTV. The segment is intended to highlight the various talents and skills of the student body. 

Griffin even writes all the press releases about events coming up at the school.

"I have never ever met a student that is 18 years of age with so much of a focus and so much giving within his heart to others. It's always about someone else, it's never about bringing recognition to [Griffin], it's about bringing recognition to others," said Ester.

Griffin says his passion for the student body motivates him to do what he does.

"These are people that I've grown up with my entire life," he said. "That I've really grown to care about and I want to see them excel and the best things possible for not only them but the others in the community."

After graduation, Griffin plans on studying journalism at Ball State University, so he can make a difference for an even bigger audience.

Click here to check out some of Jake's TV work.

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