Cov. Cath senior gets the most out of class and the swimming pool

PARK HILLS, Ky. - To say Max Williamson is a hard worker is an understatement. The Covington Catholic senior, takes honors and advanced placement courses. Williamson also ranks in the top 15 of his class.

It's serving his community where Williamson really shines; he's been doing it for years.

"When I was in grade school I never really understood 'It's in giving that we receive,' but the more and more you give, we get so much more just through the people that you meet," said Williamson.

Covington Catholic teacher Al Hertsenberg said Williamson is great leader in the school.

"[Williamson] is a quiet leader. He's one of those guys who doesn't want to be, but just by what he is and who he is and what he does, these other guys are motivated by that, they can't help it, it's infective," Hertsenberg said.

Williamson is also a member of Covington Catholic's swim team and has competed on the U.S. Junior National Team and was a U.S. Open finalist. Williamson enjoys teaching kids how to swim, in addition.

"The biggest part of teaching someone how to swim isn't really teaching them the stroke... it's more about teaching them how to have fun with swimming. Once the passion is there, it's easy to work hard," said Williamson.

After graduation, Williamson will continue to swim at Stanford University on a scholarship. Williamson plans on studying either foreign affairs or political science.

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