Dulle's death won't stop teen from pursuing her dream

Teen wants to wear a badge

MASON, Ohio - Savannah Gabbard and her mother B.J. went to Christ's Church at Mason to say goodbye to Sgt. Brian Dulle.

Savannah worked in her family's pizzeria a favorite of Warren County deputies.

"He was kind of like a second dad to me," said Savannah Gabbard.

Gabbard says she often spoke to Dulle about going into law enforcement.

"I told him I wanted to be a sheriff and that I wanted to be on the road all the time and he just told me everything he could tell me and everything that I needed to know and we just always had a good connection," said Gabbard.

Both daughter and mother wore black and yellow ribbons for Friday evening's visitation.

"The black is for Brian and the yellow is for his daughter Maddie," said B.J. Gabbard.

Ten-year-old Maddie is a two-time cancer survivor.

Even with the risks of a career in law enforcement so painfully obvious this week Savannah will move forward with her decision with the blessing of her family.

"Sgt. Dulle was one who truly inspired my daughter to pursue criminal justice and she will be doing that through the Warren County career center next year," said B.J. Gabbard.

"I know this happened," said Savannah about Sgt. Dulle's death. "But it's a part of life.  So I still want to be it (deputy).  It's not going to stop me.  I still want to pursue it," said Gabbard.

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