Different accounts given of Covington butchery

Suspects point fingers at each other

COVINGTON, Ky. - Tiffany Herrera and Austin Eash showed little in the way of emotion as Covington Detective Brian Fuller described how the two suspects, and a juvenile, allegedly killed and dismembered Donnell Brown, 56.

Herrera and Eash are each held on a $500,000 cash bond.

Fuller testified at Tuesday's preliminary hearing that Herrera had a relationship with Brown where at times she would perform a sexual favor in exchange for money or drugs.

He told the court that Herrera explained that Brown "became physical" last week and that's when she sliced his throat.

"Miss Herrera laid out the story that she initially cut him. He was still alive.  She went and got Mr. Eash and a juvenile.  They came back to the apartment and they agreed Mr. Brown needed to be finished off or killed," said Det. Brian Fuller.

At that moment, Eash squinted and shrugged as if to disagree with the detective's testimony and by extension Herrera's account of what happened.

"Miss Herrera gave testimony that Mr. Eash produced a knife, lifted Mr. Brown's head and cut his throat," continued Fuller.

The Kenton County Coroner has determined that Brown died from a slit throat and not from a stab wound that was also delivered to his chest.

According to Fuller, Eash admitted in his interrogation to dismembering Brown but denies any part in his killing.

The three suspects allegedly decided to dispose of Brown's body in the Ohio River, but when they couldn't find a truck to move the body, they decided to dispose of his body in pieces. They never completed that grisly task because on Thursday the landlord discovered Brown's dismembered body.

The juvenile, 17, is charged equally with both Herrera and Eash and is awaiting a hearing to be tried as an adult.

Those charges are murder, theft, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Eash and Herrera are accused of pawning Brown's jewelry for cash.

Tuesday, in front of Brown's apartment on Greenup Street in Covington, his adult daughter Filicia Massengale told 9 News she was just getting to know her father.

"We had great times. My daughter loves him. She misses him," Massengale said.

The Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney has 60 days to bring this case before a grand jury.  Separately the transfer hearing for the juvenile is scheduled for later this month.

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