Did Widmer jurors make mistakes?

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Mark Krumbein, a Cincinnati criminal defense attorney, findssome statements made by certain Widmer jurors troubling.

One juror who spoke to the media said the fact that Ryan Widmerdid not take the stand in his own defense was "bad."

This is worrisome says Krumbein, "I'm very concerned with whatI've heard some of the jurors saying. One juror supposedly said,'that they didn't get to hear Ryan's side of the story, isbad."

He questions whether the jurors grasped how they were to drawtheir conclusions.

"It shows that they might not understand that the burden ofproof is completely on the state of Ohio. To some of these jurorsRyan Widmer had to prove his innocence. Which, of course, is notcorrect," explained Krumbein.

In one interview a juror said many felt Widmer had,"snapped."  This, Krumbein says should rule out murder.

"If they truly believe he snapped I would think they should havefound him not guilty of murder because with murder you have to havea specific intent to kill," said Krumbein.

Could any of these alleged misunderstandings or disregard forthe judges instructions change what has already happened?

It would likely require sworn statements by jurors admitting tomistakes or willful disobedience and even then a possible fourthtrial would be an extraordinarily remote possibility.

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