Despite flooding one restaurant is open

COVINGTON, Ky. - Even as water crashes onto parts of the parking lot at JeffRuby's Waterfront restaurant in Covington, management has found away to keep their doors open.

Long temporary ramps that float higher as the water rises, allowcustomers to safely get from the upper level parking lot to thefront doors.

It's an investment Charlie Bledsoe, the Waterfront's GeneralManager, says was a smart decision. "These ramps have been up thisparticular time two weeks. We purchased them five years ago and Ican tell you, it's $50,000 worth of purchases. It's probably wellover $2 million worth of revenue we have saved in five years atthis restaurant," Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe says he has one thing to say to those wanting to see howhigh the river is while possibly filling their stomach. "TheWaterfront is the last dog standing. We are able to stay open."

Bledsoe says if the city decides to shut the flood wall gates,they will be forced to close.

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