Day care center leaves toddler at park

MT. HEALTHY, Ohio - An employee of Na Na Daycare center is facing charges after allegedly leaving a 2-year-old boy at Clippard Park for more than a hour.

Colerain Police officers arrested Quinetta Tubbs on Friday July 29 after she took 15 kids from the day care to the park but only returned with 14. Micah Davis was left behind.

"I had never understood parent panic before," Davis' mother Tracy said.  "Your heart stops, the world slows down and all you can think about is oh my God!  Where is my child? Is he safe? What's going on with him?"

Greg Moore is the Center Director of the Skyline YMCA branch and was at the park that same day.  He and his staff noticed Davis wandering around by himself.

Moore says he started asking other adults if the child belonged to them, but no one claimed him. Moore added Davis to his group of kids, gave him some water and had him rest in the shade.

"Sometimes you have that sixth sense where you know you need to step in,"  Moore said.  "We just tried to make sure he was comfortable."

Moore says he waited for about an hour, and when no one showed up to claim Davis, he called the police.

Shortly after police arrived, Tubbs returned to the park.  According to the police report, Tubbs lied to police saying she was the child's aunt.

Tracy said Tubbs was trying to get police to release the boy back into her custody, but police refused.

Officers took the child to the police station, and asked Tubbs to follow.  After further questioning, Tubbs admitted that she was not the boy's aunt and that she had accidentally left the child at the park.

Tubbs is facing charges of endangering a child and obstructing justice.

Tracy said the day care's owner also asked her to lie to police.

"The owner of the day care says, 'Well, would you mind telling them that he was at a birthday party and not with the day care?' " Tracy said.

Tracy say she wants other parents to know that she feels the level of care and integrity at Na Na Daycare Center is flawed.

9 News contacted the day care, but the owner declined to comment.

Tubbs was arrested and released after posting bond.

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