Widmer wants acquittal hearing postponed

LEBANON, Ohio - Ryan Widmer's attorneys have filed paperwork asking the judge topostpone the hearing on their request for Widmer's acquittal andretrial.

The hearing is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

Warren County Common Pleas Judge Neal Bronson has not yetresponded to the written request. Defense attorneys wrote in thepaperwork filed Monday that they received information late lastweek of various pages of a social-networking website that furthersupports their motion for a new trial.

Defense attorneys are asking for three or four weeks toinvestigate the information received. According to the document,"Counsel is unable at this time to determine the legitimacy of theinformation received and must therefore subpoena accountinformation from the appropriate social-networking website."

Prosecutors are against a fourth trial for Widmer or anacquittal.

Widmer was convicted last month of murdering his wife of fourmonths, Sarah, in their Hamilton Township home in August 2008.
The guilty verdict came in his third trial.

The first guilty verdict was thrown out because of jurymisconduct. The second jury was hung.
Widmer is serving a sentence of 15 years to life.


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